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Notice The Truth Within Your Soul…

The only suicidal thing in this universe is a “LIE” eventually a three letter word but it has got the potential to bring anything on it’s knees. Above all they say, commit a lie and congratulation for being in a life made up of glass. The people ensures themselves it is not countable but never confirmed that the surety they are giving to self is a LIE too. In the world full of pace

no one has the time to comply and yes such is the thought of people who are gradually developing backward behaviour by being in past eventually ends up criticising good influential people just because those doesn’t need such thinking coming their way. We are where?? doing wrongs? keeping red colour spill over instead of chanting one three words sentence “Bleed True: Nothing But True”

No one came with a positive mileage and without basic clauses ends up developing Negative Vibes. To lie is debatable but being in that phase all the time and judging someone for your hind sight.

A promising country need to have people with positive thinking capability to encounter this deadly attack on humans before killing humanity for anything come what may?!

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